The Stillhouse Forest project, Canterbury and Northfield

The Forest Society is working to acquire a new 215-acre reservation in Canterbury and Northfield with over 5,300 feet of frontage along the Merrimack River. This amazing property is rich in conservation values and is accessible from the river by canoe and kayak.

The land is predominantly forested with a small wetland, a perennial stream, and an island separated from the rest of the property by a flooded channel.  It is home to several exemplary natural communities including rare sand plain, flood plain and river bluff communities. This property provides excellent wildlife habitat, and its conservation would also afford protection to water quality and anadromous fish in the Merrimack River.

This property is an important scenic resource that is highly visible from the river.  Given several nearby public boat launches, it is in a unique position to become a paddling destination suitable for picnics, exploration and nature study.

The Stillhouse Forest earned its name due to its unusual history. Local lore suggests that the property was home to an illicit moonshine still and was the secret hideout for the gang who perpetrated the 1950 Boston Brinks robbery. Billed as the “Crime of the Century,” the $2.7 million theft was, at the time, the largest in United States history.

Conservation of land along the Merrimack River is a high priority for the Forest Society, NH Fish and Game, the NH Department of Environmental Services and the Merrimack Conservation Partnership. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to conserve such a spectacular stretch of undeveloped riverfront so close to Concord.

Stillhouse Forest project map

We are in the homestretch on the fundraising for the $377,000 campaign to support the acquisition and stewardship of the Stillhouse Forest. Your gift in this campaign will help us cross the finish line. Please contribute using the form below. Thank you.


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