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"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers in the trees And the moon up above… and a thing called love."

Note: This story was updated with illustration in 2022, a photo of the Dilly Cliffs Fire that took place in 2015. Read Dave Anderson's story about the 2015 fire, called "Wake of the Fire," here.


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"I just can't imagine the Cornish Fair ox pull competition on Saturday night without Artie Scruton and his team in the ring… a terrible accident… just awful."

former Commissioner of Agriculture, Stephen Taylor

Tree buds burst open into tiny flowers and miniature, tender green leaves unfurl trembling, too frail yet to shade a forest floor.

A short, unsung “other foliage season” is here. Don’t blink – you’ll miss it.

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By last Tuesday, a full week of sunshine dramatically melted snow statewide. Yet in the chilly shade of the green hemlock forest ravine, snow remained a foot deep.

In the Village…

With warm temperatures and weekday sunshine, spring is making a comeback in rural central New Hampshire. “Mud season” returns to dirt roads. The bomb-cratered, muddy duel-track road to our farm would put the back roads of Bhutan to shame.

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