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Nine McGettigan Siblings Donate Conservation Easement on Family Farm in Wilton

Wilton Farm to be Enjoyed by Future Generations

The Ottinger/Smith/Priest Families Donate Conservation Easement on 171 Acres in Epsom to Forest Society

Family Committed to Protecting Their Land and the Southern Slope of Fort Mountain

Lamprey River Forest Conservation Initiative Completed

A Collaborative Effort Conserves 3,350 feet of River Frontage

Forest Society Reaches land protection Record in 2007

Conserves More Than One Acre of Land Per Hour

Fat squirrels beware! Bobcats are being reported with increasing frequency this winter in the snowy suburbs of New Hampshire.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (“RGGI,” pronounced “reggie”) is an effort to reduce total large power plant emissions in the region by 10% by 2019. The 10 states have an aggregate economy that would be the world’s 7th largest if they were an independent nation.

Set on a hillside in Bethlehem, enjoying the majestic panoramic view of the White Mountains, sits the Forest Society’s 1,400-acre North Country Conservation and Education Center and certified Christmas tree farm, The Rocks.

Concord, N.H.,—The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests hopes to permanently conserve 2,100 acres on the upper reaches of the Connecticut River in Clarksville that features five miles of pristine river frontage and extensive views from U.S.

Trees for Troops at the Rocks Estate