Forest Reservation Challenge: Kingsbury Timber - Chippewa Trail Lot

Tier 1:

Take a photo of yourself with the limestone kiln OR at the top of Black Mountain.

Tier 2 (White Mountains): Take one of the selfies above and answer the following question:

Chippewa Trail climbs gradually and then steeply, gaining 700 feet on ascent toward summit of 2800' Black Mountain.  On your hike, do you tend to see more conifer trees or deciduous trees? Hint: the snout of sandy, well-drained soil forming the steep west bank of Titus Brook is a glacial esker, a feature frequently found at the toe slopes of peaks in the adjacent White Mountain National Forest.


To find directions and trail info, and to learn more about the Kingsbury Timber - Chippewa Trail Lot, visit our Reservation Guide.


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