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Advance Screening of New Documentary About Granite State Icon on July 26

Film Honors Abbott Thayer, Protector of Monadnock

"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers in the trees And the moon up above… and a thing called love."

Note: This story was updated with illustration in 2022, a photo of the Dilly Cliffs Fire that took place in 2015. Read Dave Anderson's story about the 2015 fire, called "Wake of the Fire," here.


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"I just can't imagine the Cornish Fair ox pull competition on Saturday night without Artie Scruton and his team in the ring… a terrible accident… just awful."

former Commissioner of Agriculture, Stephen Taylor

Tree buds burst open into tiny flowers and miniature, tender green leaves unfurl trembling, too frail yet to shade a forest floor.

A short, unsung “other foliage season” is here. Don’t blink – you’ll miss it.

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By last Tuesday, a full week of sunshine dramatically melted snow statewide. Yet in the chilly shade of the green hemlock forest ravine, snow remained a foot deep.

In the Village…

With warm temperatures and weekday sunshine, spring is making a comeback in rural central New Hampshire. “Mud season” returns to dirt roads. The bomb-cratered, muddy duel-track road to our farm would put the back roads of Bhutan to shame.