Annual Meeting 2020


The Forest Society’s 119th Annual (Virtual) Meeting

Saturday, September 26, 2020

4–5 p.m. 
Business Meeting via Zoom

  • Welcome and remarks from Forest Society President Jack Savage
  • Business meeting
  • Recognition of longtime members
  • Awards presentation

The poster for the movie The Merrimack has a river next to a mill building.5:30-6 p.m. *Schedule change* 

Q&A about the making of The Merrimack: River at Risk 

Learn why and how the Forest Society spent four years making this acclaimed documentary about the Merrimack River watershed.

6–7 p.m. 
Dinner and a Movie

Fix dinner, make popcorn, and join us at 6 p.m. for a special screening of The Merrimack: River at Risk, a full-length documentary produced by the Forest Society and directed by Jerry Monkman of Ecophotography.

Did you know that the Merrimack watershed is still 80-percent undeveloped, but in 2016 it was named one of the most endangered rivers in the country? Find out what can be done to save it in this 55-minute documentary. 


Do-It-Yourself Field Trips

From Franklin, New Hampshire to Newburyport, Massachusetts, there is much to see and experience along the Merrimack River watershed. Before or after watching The Merrimack: River at Risk, you can see for yourself what's at stake with our list of adventures. Explore the Merrimack Valley.