Abraham Ames

Abraham Ames poses in the forest outside of the Conservation Center.
Easement Steward
  • Land Protection

Abraham grew up in the hills of the southern Berkshires, fostering a connection to land, nature, and conservation. He studied these fields at Green Mountain College in VT, and earned a B.A. in Environmental Policy. After a position with the Berkshire Natural Resources Council in western Massachusetts, Abraham continued practicing land stewardship with a local land trust, while managing invasive plants with Native Habitat Restoration. Abraham still enjoys volunteering to assist paddling and river clean-up trips in that area, as well as maintaining a connection to a number of small farms. 

Abraham practices a variety of outdoor activities. An amateur wildlife and landscape photographer, he likes getting out on trails and boats (especially if they have sails) in the summer, while skiing and animal tracking during winters. Exploring wild-lands is always a favorite pass-time.