Taves Reservation

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This property does not have a detailed Forest Reservation Guide map. All Forest Society reservations are open to the public; however, those without detailed Reservation Guide information may be difficult to locate and access due to lack of signage and parking. Unless you are comfortable navigating in the woods without trails or directional signage, you may wish to consider exploring one of the recommended properties nearby or any of our Featured Properties, which typically offer parking and a more detailed map.


Fishing Guide

Most people drive by the Taves Reservation on NH Route 9 and never know it’s there.  This 673-acre reservation has more than a half mile of frontage on the highway, and all of that encompasses a fast flowing portion of Otter Brook right alongside the highway.  With the exception of one house on the east side of the road, the Forest Society’s land is just north of the Granite Gorge Ski Area.  There are a couple of places to stop along the highway, but be careful.  This is a very well-travelled road.   N.H. Fish and Game sometimes stocks Otter Brook with trout in the spring.   


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Taves Reservation

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