Andrew Brook Forest

About the Property

The Forest Society primarily manages this property for sustainable forestry, productive wildlife habitat, and other conservation benefits in support of the greater Newbury community. While all of our reservations are open to the public, this property may be difficult to access due to a lack of developed recreation features and resources such as signage, parking, established trails, and a detailed Forest Reservation Guide map.

If you are looking to explore a unique forest in this area that offers a wider array of recreational opportunities, we encourage you to visit any of our “recommended properties nearby” featured below.

NH Forest Explorer

Want mobile maps of the trails to take with you? Try our new mobile-friendly website called NH Forest Explorer! To see our FREE maps and trails interpretation using a smartphone, go to in your browser and select "Andrew Brook Forest" from the drop-down menu. Enter your email address to register and start exploring! Learn more or get tips on getting started here.

Trail Information

Andrew Brook Trail to Lake Solitude

Round-trip Distance: 
3.80 miles

This is an interactive web map for the Andrew Brook Trail.  Eighteen points along the trail interpret features of interest as you hike the 3.8 miles out and back. Register for free to see our mobile maps and trails interpretation using NH Forest Explorer.

Recommended Properties Nearby


86 acres

Recreational Opportunities

  • Birdwatching
  • Dog-walking
  • Great Views
  • Hiking Trails
  • Hunting
  • Snowshoeing


  • Pull-off parking
  • Trail markers


  • No Motorized wheeled vehicles (ATVs, trucks, dirt bikes)
  • No Camping
  • No Fires
  • Carry in, Carry out all trash