Land Steward Program

Support Our Effective Volunteer Land Steward Program 

When we conserve land, we must be prepared to care for it. When the deeds are signed, the corks have popped, and the cheering dies down, that’s when our work begins in earnest. The Forest Society owns 185 Forest Society reservations, all open to the public and managed for multiple uses including water quality, wildlife habitat, timber, recreation and scenery.

Our successful Land Stewards Program trains committed volunteers to adopt our reservations and assist us in the important work of caring for the land we own.

The challenges we face to maintain and care for these properties are enormous. We constantly monitor boundaries; maintain existing trails and construct new ones where appropriate; maintain gates, signs, kiosks, and parking areas; monitor and promote recreational activities; and improve the land for wildlife habitat.

This day-to-day work must continue, and we must continue to commit resources to recruit, train and coordinate this group of hard-working volunteers, now 173 volunteers strong and growing.

We are seeking donations to support this important work. Your gift will help us to strengthen and maintain this time-proven program.

All who love New Hampshire can count on the Forest Society for our long track record of sound stewardship. In return, we count on your support of our stewardship work. Your gift will support the kind of non-stop effort that is required to perpetually care for our state’s forests, waters and most special landscapes.

Thank you so much for your support.