Easement Stewardship Endowment

The Forest Society holds over 750 conservation easements on more than 125,000 acres. Once a conservation easement is in place, the Forest Society bears the responsibility of regularly monitoring the land to ensure the terms of the easement are respected forever.

We need your help to fulfill that obligation.

Contribute to the Easement Stewardship Endowment today to make sure that the integrity of farms, forests, wetlands and scenic landscapes across the state remains intact forever – which is a very long time.

Reservation Stewardship Endowment

The Forest Society owns over 180 reservations which receive thousands of visitors each year. Our Reservation Stewardship staff, land stewards, and other volunteers spend countless hours every year maintaining trails, signage, parking, and kiosks so that visitors will have a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Your contribution will help us keep our reservations ready for use by our members and the public.

Reservation-specific stewardship funds

Some of our reservations have their own stewardship funds.  If you'd like to contribute to the upkeep of your favorite reservation, please check the drop-down list in the following donation form to see if a fund is available.

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