Art Exhibit at the Conservation Center Art Exhibit: Alan Shulman

We are thrilled to welcome an art exhibit, called "Natural Connection," featuring the work of artist Alan Shulman, to the Conservation Center. The exhibit is open to visitors through October 31 during Forest Society business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM.


As an Artist and Architect, I am drawn to nature. Growing up in NYC, I spent summers at camps in the Catskills, sleeping in a tent, hiking, learning to swim and experiencing the joy of carefree time in the woods.  As an architecture student, I spent summers on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Since moving to New Hampshire, I’ve enjoyed time on the coast and walking trails near Mount Sunapee.  I am Vice President of Friends of Mount Sunapee (FOMS) whose mission is to protect the exemplary forest within the state park.  Recently, I worked with the board to produce a documentary of the old growth forest on Mount Sunapee: Everlasting Forests: The Mount Sunapee Story.


I enjoy using color, line and shape to play with ideas.  I finger-painted at two, viewed the many NYC art museum galleries starting at four and, at eight, painted in a class at MOMA. In architecture school, I received three years of life drawing and visual training via Bauhaus methods: ten second action sketches, hand-eye coordination exercises, multi-media composition studies.

Registered Architect: 1974-present. From 1986-1992, attended art workshops with Artists Peter London (“No More Secondhand Art”) and Seymour Segal (National Gallery of Canada artist). They helped me develop my own painting language. In 1993, I switched careers to Special Education, joined NHAA, and began "Portraits of
Zinkov," over 80 portraits honoring Holocaust victims; these I have exhibited at Holocaust museums, synagogues, community centers, and schools.

Retired now from education, I live and paint in New London, NH, and am able to widely exhibit my work.

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