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 Supporting the Forest Society is not about doing good, it is about doing well.  It is about investing in the long-term vitality of your business, your associates and your customer base.  Your support, through a business membership, is all about partnering with the Forest Society, and its current 10,000 individual and business members to balance economic opportunity with sound conservation practices.

A healthy New Hampshire environment means a healthy New Hampshire economy...

During the Forest Society’s first century we have worked to save over one million acres in New Hampshire.  Since our founding in 1901, the Forest Society has been a leader in cooperation with other groups and individuals in saving the special places whose very names mean New Hampshire:  The White Mountains, Franconia Notch, Mount Sunapee and Kearsarge, Crawford Notch and Mount Monadnock, just to name a few of the more notable landmarks throughout our state.

Balancing economic opportunity with sound resource conservation practices...

Today, the Forest Society’s leadership in land protection is more important than ever.  New Hampshire continues to grow and there is ever-increasing pressure to compromise our productive forests, agricultural lands and natural resources.  The Forest Society has the experience and vision to work with all interests toward mutual understanding and benefit in perpetuating the critical threatened open spaces of our state.

Finding fair solutions to our toughest conservation and growth challenges...

In our second century, your membership will help to protect New Hampshire in three critical ways:

  1. Saving Land.  Your support makes it possible to target, protect and manage the state’s most threatened and important natural areas, and the resources they encompass.  Today the Forest Society owns and manages 174 reservations statewide—more than 50,000 acres and we hold conservation easements on more than 130,000 acres.
  2. Advocacy for the Environment.  Our balanced approach to environmental issues is critical to protecting the quality of life and health in New Hampshire.  We seek to find fair solutions to the state’s toughest conservation and growth challenges.
  3. Foster Exceptional Forest Stewardship.  By achieving a lasting balance between economic return and protection of ecological values, we are setting the standard for sustainable forestry methods.

Won’t you please join us today at the highest level possible?

As a business member you’ll be helping to protect and perpetuate critical resources, including forests, wetlands, drinking water supplies, and our scenic and recreational landscapes.

Along with making a meaningful contribution to New Hampshire’s environment and future, there are special “benefits” you will receive as a business member.

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