Legislation Proposes to Open Up New OHRV Trails in Nash Stream State Forest

Please urge members of the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee to oppose HB 1316. The hearing on the bill will take place January 29 at 9:30 in Room 201 of the Legislative Office Building on House Bill 1316 that proposes to open up additional trails to OHRVs in the Nash Stream State Forest as well in Coleman State Park. The Forest Society strongly opposes HB 1316 for two primary reasons. First, its enactment will undermine the Nash Stream Forest Management Plan, completed in 2017 after four years of a rigorous public planning process conducted by the planning the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR). Second, until the Legislature funds the work mandated in HB 660 outlined in legislation enacted in 2019, we do not believe the State should be establishing any new OHRV trails in Coos County. We would urge the Legislature to ensure the work called for in HB 660 is funded and completed before it allows the establishment of additional ATV trails in Coos County.