2019: Fall Five Hikes For the Win! Stay tuned for 2020 dates

Forest Society staff had so much fun interacting with people on our Forest Reservations during Five Hikes in Five Weeks this Fall, and we can't stop thinking about it!  All of the hikes were well attended with hardy, engaging and thoughtful participants who were eager to learn about New Hampshire's forests and share their knowledge as well. 

Two hikes per day were scheduled at each of five locations across the state:  Merrimack River Floodplain in Concord, McCabe Forest in Antrim, Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest (Silver Mountain) in Lempster, Morse Preserve (Pine Mountain) in Alton, and Powder Major's Forest in Madbury/Durham/Lee.  We meandered peaceful riverbanks, discovered mushrooms sprouting on the damp forest floor, took in 360-degree mountain vistas, and delved into past land use history.  We discovered a poisonous blister beetle, sampled an indian cucumber root, examined bear claw marks on a red pine, and saw a bald eagle soar just overhead along the Merrimack River.  So many amazing moments! 

Many of the 153 participants attended more than one of the five outings- some even completed all five hikes- and felt like old friends by the conculsion of the series.  Also, as a result of the series, thirty three hikers became new members of the Forest Society!  Thank you to those of you who came to hike with us, and if you missed it, please join us in 2020!  Check out the slideshow of the Fall 2019 series below.

Five Hikes in Five Weeks is a partnership between the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and WMUR-TV.  We greatly appreciate financial support for Five Hikes provided by New Hampshire Electric Co-op, Inc.

Photos in the slideshow below were taken by Kate Wilcox, Dave Anderson, Carrie Deegan, and Jan Denson.