Main/Mount Major Trail

Main/Mount Major Trail

Round-trip Distance: 
3.00 miles
Trail Markings: 
Blue blazes

The Main/Mount Major trail is 1.5 mi one way and is the shortest route to the summit. This trail leaves the right side of the Mt. Major parking lot and follows an old logging road, ascending a steep, eroded section where several paths diverge and rejoin. Stay farthest to the right (ascending) to follow the trail and find slightly better footing. At the top of this steep section, at 0.3 mi., the road becomes nearly level and smooth. At 0.7 mi. is the junction of the Main Trail (blue) and the Brook Trail (yellow). Bear left to stay on the Main Trail to ascend to steeper ledges before reaching the summit. There are three main sections of steep ledges as you climb to the upper slopes of Mt. Major. At several points it is possible to by pass the steepest pitches on alternate paths that rejoin and lead to the summit. The summit, with ruins of a stone hut called "Mr. Phippen's Hut", is 1,786 feet above sea level, a gain of 1,136 feet from the parking lot below.

Trail Directions: 

Mount Major Parking

A large parking area with sign is on NH Route 11, 4.2 miles north of Alton Bay.