Stephen Froling

Board Member

Stephen Froling is a New York attorney who retired in 1999.  He is well versed in land conservation, having served on the Forest Society’s policy and development committees and as volunteer corporate counsel and a member of the Land Committee for the Harris Center for Conservation Education in Hancock since 2007.  He was also a Harris Center trustee for six years.  In 2010, The Silver Lake Land Trust of Harrisville and Nelson honored him with its Stewardship Award.  Stephen currently serves as chairman of the Hancock Planning Board.

“Why volunteer with the Forest Society?  For me, this question has a lot to do with its mission and a lot more to do with the resources that the organization already has for reaching its mission-related goals.  The Forest Society was founded in 1901 by a handful of volunteers who were concerned with the devastation that New Hampshire rivers and forests had suffered at the hands of the logging industry.  The organization is still highly dependent on its corps of volunteers for money and willing hands, but it has also developed a highly professional staff which allows it to pursue a mix of exemplary stewardship and use of forested lands, education of land owners and others in the principles of sustainable use, advocacy in the halls of state and federal government of policies that sustain our forest and leadership of other charitable and government agencies with similar missions.  The early 20th Century founders recognized that the challenges they faced were perpetual.  Now, a little more than a century later, we are not even half way to that end date.  The nature of the challenges to our forests (and our New Hampshire lifestyle) has shifted but challenges still exist, large (transmission towers and pipelines) and small (ash borers).   The Forest Society is meeting those challenges with a highly professional staff and a large number of dedicated volunteers.  For my time and money, there isn't a better way to help with the mission.”