Speakers Bureau

Looking for an engaging speaker for your local group or annual meeting?

Formed in 1901, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests has more than 100 years worth of experience and insight to share on land conservation and sustainable forest management. Each year, designated representatives of the Forest Society provide dozens of presentations to hundreds of people throughout the state and country.

The Forest Society Speakers Bureau is made up of staff members who represent the organization at civic and educational gatherings, conferences, workshops, field walks and other events.

Engaging topics and dynamic presentations will inspire and educate your group. Topics include:

Land Conservation

  • Land conservation trends and strategies
  • Land conservation and working with communities
  • Quabbin-to-Cardigan Initiative (Monadnock Highlands)
  • Upcoming land conservation initiatives
  • Snowmobiling and land conservation
  • Drafting conservation easements
  • Land conservation options and associated tax benefits
  • Conservation Projects Step By Step
  • Donee Responsibilities in Accepting Conservation Gifts
  • Managing Land Protection Projects
  • Contacting and Talking with Landowners
  • Trail Easements
  • Accommodating House Sites in Conservation Easements
  • Map and Compass Skills for Monitoring Conservation Lands
  • Letting Your Lands Tell Your Story—Planning a Powerful Field Trip
  • Land Conservation as a Career
  • Local conservation finance 101
  • State and federal funding sources


  • Forest Society history and mission
  • Land use history and planning
  • The history of land conservation and old growth forest on Mount Sunapee
  • Forest Society history and management of Mount Monadnock


  • General forestry practices
  • Sustainable forestry and land conservation
  • Sustainable forest management and wood energy
  • Forests and climate change

Current Issues

  • Trees Not Towers: Why we oppose Northern Pass
  • Population growth and land use changes in NH
  • New Hampshire Everlasting: Conserving 25% of every NH Town

Other Topics

  • The ecology of vernal pools and NH amphibians
  • Natural history / reading the landscape
  • Recreating on Forest Society reservations
  • Volunteer opportunities at the Forest Society
  • Green building design/Conservation Center
  • State and federal funding sources for land conservation

We will work with you to select a topic and speaker that will best meet the needs of your audience.

Speaker’s Fee

The Speakers Bureau is a service that we offer as a part of our public communication and outreach programs. In order to defray our staff time and travel expenses, the Forest Society respectfully requests a donation in an amount commensurate with your organization’s resources. A minimum honorarium of $100 plus $50 for travel payable to the Forest Society is suggested.

How to Request a Speaker

To request a speaker for your group, please submit a request, preferably 8 weeks before the event, to Dave Anderson. Please be sure to include the following information in your request:

  • Name of organization
  • Date of event
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Location of event
  • Topics your group is interested in learning about

We look forward to working with you!

Tom Howe poses in the forest outside of the Conservation Center.
Senior Director of Land Conservation
Dave Anderson smiles with the forest in the background.
Will Abbott poses in the forest outside of the Conservation Center.
Project Manager - The Rocks
Nigel Manley poses for a snapshot during his work at The Rocks.
Director, North Country Property