The Hedgehog Mountain Forest was protected in 8 separate acquisitions from 2007 to 2011. The property protects not only the steep spine of Hedgehog Ridge and a large area of unfragmented forest, but also several large wetlands in the southern and eastern portions of the property. 

The summit of Mt. Major offers views that are among the best in southern New Hampshire for the effort required.

A Conservation Success Story

The Forest Society purchased High Five with donated funds in 2004. It got its name when several members of the Forest Society's Land Management staff walked to the top and looked out at the expansive view. One of the staff members remarked that he just wanted to give a “high five," and the name stuck.

These lands had been in the Heald family for more than a century and are collectively known as the Heald Tract. They had historically been well managed by the Healds for multiple uses, including apple orchards, wildlife habitat, forest products, passive recreation, education, and flood control.