The silver maple floodplain forest is specifically adapted to withstand the extreme flooding regime of the larger rivers in NH.

Are they early, late, or right on time?

What's the deal with all those toads?!

This property is best accessed from the small parking area on Route 302 in Bethlehem, NH. This is located approximately 5 miles east of the center of Bethlehem (junction of Routes 302 and 142), on the south side of Route 302. 

How wildlife "makes hay while the sun shines."

Birds and plants have co-evolved to mutually benefit: trading carbohydrates for seed distribution via fruits which birds consume and pass seeds to far-flung locations where they might germinate.

As the calendar page flipped to March, news from natural world includes early bird harbingers of Spring.

The undeniably stronger late winter sunlight is the agent of change in the forests and fields of New Hampshire.

Feeding birds connects the Forest Society's Dave Anderson to larger questions and brings wildlife right to the window in winter.