Weeks Woods - Rene and Elizabeth Gilbert Tract, Gilford

Help Expand the Weeks Woods Reservation in Gilford!

Thanks to the generosity of the children of Rene and Elizabeth Gilbert of Gilford, the Forest Society has the opportunity to expand the Weeks Woods Reservation. Fulfilling the vision of their parents, the Gilbert children are donating 11 acres that links the Weeks Woods Reservation to Schoolhouse Hill Road.

Weeks Woods is currently a 107-acre reservation accessed from a main trailhead on Route 11A, with parking available at the Town Offices complex across the street. A trail network passes through forest types in various stages of regeneration that host a variety of wildlife species. The Gilbert land is mostly open field that is reverting to young forest, which will provide additional habitat diversity to the reservation.

Trail access will remain at the Route 11A entrance, but the connection to Schoolhouse Hill Road offers an additional access point if that is ever determined to be needed.

Weeks Woods is part of a network of conserved lands that are managed by the Forest Society, the Town of Gilford, and other conservation organizations. The protection of the Gilbert property expands this network and builds greater connection between the region’s green spaces.

Although the land will be donated, the Forest Society must raise $17,000 to support the transaction costs and to create a stewardship fund that provides for the long-term care of the property. Please help us plan for the future by contributing to the Rene and Elizabeth Gilbert – Weeks Woods project today – and enjoy it tomorrow and into the future! 

Thank you for your support.



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