Northern Pass

Roger Wood interviews Portsmouth photographer Jerry Monkman, whose video “The Power of Place” explores the places, issues, and people affected by Northern Pass, a proposed 180-mile long electricity transmission line project in New Hampshire that will carry electricity from Quebec to southern New

This letter from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents recommendations for Northern Pass, a proposed 192-mile transmission line through New Hampshire. Click below for a news story about this letter.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says burying an additional 40 miles of Northern Pass transmission line in its most northern segment would be less damaging to wetlands and wildlife than as currently proposed and “appears practicable.”

THE BIGGEST utility companies in Massachusetts aren’t just part of the team judging the competition for a giant new state contract for renewable power — they’re also contestants.

If that seems like an unorthodox arrangement worth keeping a watchful eye on — well, it is.

by Jack Sullivan, Commonwealth Magazine

The Concord City Council called on the state Site Evaluation Committee to require full burial of the proposed Northern Pass transmission line through Concord, noting that "With a population of 42,000 that swells to more than 80,000 during the workweek, in Concord, Northern Pass potentially has more direct impact on more people than in any other location in the state. Never mind the fact that we are the state capital."

Click below to read the full letter.

SEC Schedule Report, August 2017

Grafton County Motion to Suspend Proceedings - Northern Pass at SEC