Northern Pass at SEC

The Concord City Council called on the state Site Evaluation Committee to require full burial of the proposed Northern Pass transmission line through Concord, noting that "With a population of 42,000 that swells to more than 80,000 during the workweek, in Concord, Northern Pass potentially has more direct impact on more people than in any other location in the state. Never mind the fact that we are the state capital."

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by Garry Rayno, InDepthNH

CONCORD — State regulators wanted to know why an agreement outlining procedures to resolve mitigation issues for the Northern Pass Transmission project’s effect on historic and archeological sites had not been made available until Thursday.

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CONCORD — More than 100 current and former legislators signed a petition urging a state committee to require the entire 192-mile Northern Pass route be buried or vote the project down.

This is the text of a joint public statement delivered to the NH Site Evaluation Committee by Reps. Neal Kurk, Howard Moffatt, Suzanne Smith, and Bob Giuda on July 20, 2017.

Good afternoon, thank you for hearing me.

My name is Stephen Pascucci of Franklin, New Hampshire.

I want you to know, this issue was the number one determiner in how I voted in the past election.

"At these heights, we believe Northern Pass would literally disfigure the face of our state," boomed the first speaker of the day, State Rep. Neal Kurk of Weare.