Northern Pass at SEC

The Site Evaluation Committee has formally closed its evidentiary hearing on the Northern Pass project. The next step in the SEC process is for all parties to present the SEC with “post hearing memos” summarizing their respective arguments.  The Counsel for the Public and all interveners have unt

CONCORD — Existing utility rights-of-way reduce property values and the Northern Pass project would amplify the decrease, the Site Evaluation Committee was told Tuesday.

CONCORD — New Hampton officials said Tuesday more tax revenue from the Northern Pass project would not change their opposition to the high-voltage transmission line.

CONCORD — Northern Pass’s buried transmission line through Easton would more than double the town’s property value, but the town has continually voted to oppose the $1.6 billion project.

CONCORD — With Hydro-Quebec’s agreement to bury 11 miles of the Northern Pass transmission line in Canada, so should the line through the 40 miles of new right-of-way in the North Country, the Site Evaluation Committee was told Thursday.

CONCORD — Northern Pass attorneys have touted proposed construction agreements to address municipal officials’ concerns along the buried portion of the 192-mile, high-voltage transmission line to bring Hydro-Quebec electricity to New England.

CONCORD — Wetlands disturbed during construction of the 192-mile Northern Pass transmission line may never be restored to preexisting conditions, the Site Evaluation Committee was told Thursday.

Over the objection from Northern Pass and its attorneys, the Site Evaluation Committee viewed a 21-minute video titled  “Negative Impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Line ” on October 20.   Featuring North Country residents Bradley Thompson, John and Cindy-Lou Amey, Donald and Diane Bilodeau, Jason Balint, Bette Guerin, John Harrigan, Dr. E. Martin Kaufman and Rod McAllaster, the video offered an aerial tour of the new 32 miles of new right of way in Northern Coos County Northern Pass requires to build its project as proposed.

CONCORD — Not enough has been proposed to reduce or eliminate the scenic impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission project, a consultant told the Site Evaluation Committee Monday.