Northern Pass at SEC

Once again Northern Pass did not get what it was hoping for from the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC). Asked by Eversource in a Motion for Rehearing to vacate its Feb.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee meets Monday to discuss what to do about Eversource's appeal for its Northern Pass permit.

The meeting comes weeks after the SEC first rejected the proposed transmission line, which would run nearly 200 miles from Canada to New Hampshire.

The SEC will meet on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 11 a.m. to consider Eversource's Motion for Rehearing in the Northern Pass docket.

The Forest Society filed its objection to Eversource's request to have the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) reconsider it's decision to deny Northern Pass a Certificate for Site and Facility, calling the Motion premature and asking the SEC to deny the Motion.

Eversource is asking New Hampshire regulators to reconsider their rejection of the Northern Pass project.

Intervenors opposed to Northern Pass asked the Site Evaluation Committee on Thursday to deny the project’s motion to vacate its denial and resume deliberations saying it was premature since there has been no written, appealable decision.

This is a Motion for Rehearing filed by Eversource asking the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to vacate its decision to deny a Certificate of Site and Facility to the proposed Northern Pass transmission line project. It was filed Feb. 28, 2018.

Today Northern Pass launched its anticipated attempt to get another bite at the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) apple. They simultaneously filed a Motion for Rehearing and held a press conference in Manchester.

The State of Massachusetts has turned its eyes to an alternative transmission line proposal now that the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) has voted to deny a permit to Eversource's Northern Pass project. Late in the day on Friday, Feb. 16, the Mass. Dept.