Northern Pass at SEC

CONCORD — Northern Pass would double the size of existing electricity towers in some wooded conservation areas, and communities should find out later this year when construction would start should the project get approved.

CONCORD – Grafton County Attorney Lara Saffo dropped a bombshell at Thursday’s adjudicative hearing asking Northern Pass experts why the project purchased five North Country properties at highly inflated prices to the tune of $500,000 through four different LLCs instead of directly from the lando

CONCORD — The general contractor for Northern Pass has been penalized more than $167,000 for workplace health or safety violations since 2011, according to documents submitted to a state panel.

CONCORD — Constructing the 192-mile Northern Pass Transmission line project will impact host communities and local traffic, but the effect will vary from locality to locality.

The Northern Pass adjudicatory hearing, or trial, continued the week of May 1 with the cross-examination of Northern Pass's Construction Panel. That panel included Nathan Scott, Lynn Harrington, Sam Johnson, Kenneth Bowes, Derrick Bradstreet and John Kayser.

Even though there were no trial days scheduled the week of April 24 for the adjudicatory hearing of the Northern Pass application before the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC), two important decisions were handed down.

PDF of SEC order regarding public input on Northern Pass 2017