Northern Pass at SEC

CONCORD — State regulators were critical of work done by a tourism expert hired by Northern Pass Transmission project developer Eversource who concluded the proposal would have no measurable impact on the state’s tourism industry.

State hearings on the Northern Pass project have been going on for two and a half months now, but Concord hasn’t heard anything to change its opinion that the power lines should be buried as they travel through the city.

When Northern Pass announced its intent to bury a 52-mile segment in and around the White Mountains, property owners along the new route faced a rude awakening.

CONCORD – The pressure is on as Northern Pass Transmission’s adjudicative hearings resume next week that will ultimately determine whether state regulators give it the go-ahead.

CONCORD — Northern Pass’ environmental impacts will take center stage again Tuesday and Friday as the adjudicative hearings continue in front of the state Site Evaluation Committee that will decide whether to approve or deny the project’s application by the end of September.

CONCORD — Northern Pass will mean worthless property, fewer visitors and a scar across New Hampshire’s scenic landscape, opponents warned Thursday referring to the $1.6 billion, 192-mile high-voltage project to bring Hydro-Quebec electricity to the New England grid at the state Site Evaluation Co

Northern Pass officials want to schedule 15 more hearing days this summer before a state committee considering the project — including the option of evening sessions.

CONCORD — Construction of the Northern Pass Transmission line will significantly impact North Country residents’ way of life, intervenors told company officials on Wednesday.

CONCORD — Northern Pass proposes burying some underground lines in the middle of roads contrary to a state utility accommodation manual, a committee member considering the project said Wednesday.