Northern Pass at SEC

As anticipated, Eversource filed a second Motion for Rehearing Friday afternoon asking the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to reconsider it's written decision to deny a Certificate of Site and Facility for the Northern Pass transmission line project.

This is the second Motion for Rehearing filed by Eversource asking the NH Site Evaluation Committee to " reconsider and vacate the Order, complete deliberations on all of the criteria in RSA 162-H:16, IV (2017) and grant the Certificate".

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Coos County Business and Employers Group want two members to recuse themselves from the Site Evaluation Committee’s further proceedings on Northern Pass.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) set May 24 and possibly June 4, 2018 (if necessary) as dates for deliberating on any Motions for Rehearing on the Northern Pass application that was denied.

CONCORD -- The proposed Northern Pass hydroelectric transmission project would have a “negative impact” on land use and would deliver fewer financial benefits than promised, according to a state committee’s decision.

CONCORD — In its written order issued Friday afternoon, the Site Evaluation Committee reiterated what members told Northern Pass officials two months ago, the utility failed to prove the 192-mile, $1.6 billion transmission line would not disrupt the orderly development of the region.

The New Hampshire Site Evalution Committee (SEC) issued its formal written decision today to deny the application by Eversource for a Certificate of Site and Facility for the controversial Northern Pass transmission line.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources announced today that they would terminate discussions with Northern Pass regarding the Mass Clean Energy RFP.

CONCORD — Any decision on reconsidering Northern Pass’s application to build a 192-mile transmission line will wait until May after the Site Evaluation Committee decided Monday to suspend its oral denial of the project.