Northern Pass at SEC

CONCORD — Northern Pass officials plan to file an appeal with the state Supreme Court by an Aug. 13 deadline in an effort to jump-start a hydroelectric transmission project that a state committee denied.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Commitee (SEC) issued its anticipated written decision denying a Motion for Rehearing requested by Eversource for the controversial Northern Pass project.

CONCORD — State utility regulators voted 7-0 on Thursday to reject a motion to reconsider their decision turning down the $1.6 billion, 192-mile Northern Pass Transmission project.

CONCORD — There will be no reconsideration of the Northern Pass by the state’s Site Evaluation Committee.

On Thursday, May 24,  the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) confirmed its decision to deny a certificate of Site and Authority to Northern Pass.

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests filed a formal objection to Eversource's Motion for Rehearing that asks the Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to reconsider their Northern Pass application and reverse the decision to deny a Certificate of Site and Facility.

CONCORD – Three municipal intervenor groups in the Northern Pass project objected Monday to a motion asking that two Site Evaluation Committee members recuse themselves from further deliberations on the $1.6 billion powerline plan that was denied on Feb. 1.

CONCORD — Northern Pass Transmission filed a motion Friday afternoon asking the Site Evaluation Committee to reconsider its denial and to “thoroughly evaluate” its proposed comprehensive solutions.

Eversource has filed a new version of its request for a new hearing on its proposed Northern Pass transmission line.

The state Site Evaluation Committee, or SEC, is already scheduled to discuss the utility's appeal on May 24.