Northern Pass

Several media outlets have covered the Governor's comments during the election season and post-election.

Gov. Chris Sununu once again last week proposed a Northern Pass lite, high-voltage transmission system to bring now cheap HydroQuebec power to New Hampshire to offset spiking energy costs.

Now that he’s not a candidate … and therefore we’re not violating our policy against promoting or disparaging candidates, it’s time to sound off a little about New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

There were so many acts of opposition, large and small, that wove a varied tapestry conveying the unmistakable message of resistance and tenacity.

Pursuant to Rule 25 of the Supreme Court's Rules, the City of Concord, the Towns of Pembroke, Littleton, New Hampton, Deerfield, Plymouth, Sugar Hill, Easton, Franconia, Northumberland, Bristol, and Whitefield, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the Conservation Law Foundation, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the New England Power Generators Association, and McKenna's Purchase Unit Owners Association ("Movants") move that this Court summarily affirm the Decision and Order Denying Application for a Certificate of Site and Facility ofthe Site Evaluation Committee ("SEC")

This memorandum of law is in support of the Joint Motion for Summary Affirmance of the Orders of the Site Evaluation Committee in the matter of Northern Pass.

CONCORD -- The proposed Northern Pass hydroelectric transmission project would have a “negative impact” on land use and would deliver fewer financial benefits than promised, according to a state committee’s decision.

CONCORD — In its written order issued Friday afternoon, the Site Evaluation Committee reiterated what members told Northern Pass officials two months ago, the utility failed to prove the 192-mile, $1.6 billion transmission line would not disrupt the orderly development of the region.