Forest Explorer Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I’m having location tracking issues. I don’t see my location anywhere on the map.

You may need to turn on geolocation services for your mobile device. Click to follow instructions for iOS users or Andriod users.

2.  Location Tracking Issues Cont’d: The point that represents me isn’t moving even though I am.

Forest Explorer will stop tracking your location if you exit the browser to do something else on your phone or put your phone into sleep mode (i.e. your pocket). To begin tracking again and see your current location, reload the current page on your internet browser to refresh the Forest Explorer trail map.

3.  There isn’t enough cell service to load the map at the trailhead. Now what?

The functionality for Forest Explorer will vary based on your mobile phone provider. However, we are aware of service issues at the following trailheads: Andrew Brook Forest/Lake Solitude Trail, Creek Farm, and Merrimack River Outdoor Education and Conservation Area. For each of these trails, service may improve after you start hiking on the trail, so try visiting on your browser periodically during your hike.

4.  How Do I Start Using Forest Explorer?

To access the interactive information maps, users must register at using their email address. Once you sign-up with your email address, check your email to confirm your email address and begin exploring Forest Explorer trail activities. You can register at home or at the trailhead, if you get cell phone service. Since every mobile provider is different, we recommend registering at home before you leave for your hike.

5. Do I have to download anything?

No, not at this time. Forest Explorer is an interactive online map that you can access from any internet browser. To track your location while you hike, visit from your smartphone browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).

6.  What is a trail “Activity”?

Trail activities are enhanced information maps that provide hikers with a unique experience, all of which track your location as your hike and allow you to share your trip on social media. These can be on the same or different hiking trails, but each experience will show you a hiking loop or hike to a scenic viewpoint (called an “out and back” trail) along with features of interest that you can click on and read about while you hike.

Updated Sept. 9, 2018

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