Do you ever suffer from TMOYMS -- Too Much On Your Mind Syndrome? I do. It manifests itself in various ways, all of which make you look like an idiot. It’s driving away from the Dunkin Donuts drive-through without waiting for your change. It’s putting a box of rice away in the refrigerator.

I would cheerfully walk for 10 miles if sun-warmed, wild blueberries were at the end of the trail. Fortunately, in New Hampshire we don’t have to walk that far, but it helps if we walk in an upwards direction.

Herbert Welsh, seasonal resident on Lake Sunapee, died nearly 75 years ago at the admirable age of 89. As is the case with ardent conservationists, Welsh’s contributions to the people of New Hampshire have survived him.

Can I cut my Christmas tree on Forest Society land?

Tree cutting is NOT allowed.  However, you can select and harvest your own Christmas tree at The Rocks in Bethlehem, NH.

Is horse riding allowed on Forest Society Reservations?

Horse riding is allowed on most Forest Society Reservations.  Easement terms and donor restictions prohibit horses on several Forest Society Reservations.  Horse use is allowed on forest roads in dry seasons but not on hiking trails or active timber sale roads.   We have no facilities for large groups of horses or locations where horses can be trailered into.    

Is my dog welcome to come with me on my Forest Society Reservation visit?

Dogs are allowed on nearly all Forest Society Reservations with several notable exceptions.  Dogs must be on a leash or under direct voice control of its owner at all times.  Owners must pack out dog waste from trails and other high use areas.  Dogs are not allowed on our Monadnock Reservation or at our Creek Farm Reservation.

Can I fish on Forest Society Reservations?

Fishing consistent with NH State law is allowed on Forest Society Reservations.  Some of our properties are more fishable than others as described in a recent Forest Notes article.  To view that article and get the most from your visit please follow this link (add link to FN fishing article)   

Is boating allowed on Forest Society Reservations?

Boating is allowed on Forest Society Reservations that: have an existing boat access (Creek Farm, Grafton Pond); Have shoreline frontage with access from other points (Flint Memorial Forest, Conservation Center, Wilkins-Campbell Reservation); Have existing trail access where people can park vehicles outside the Forest Society Reservation and carry a boat to water (WIlkins-Campbell Reservation, Washburn Family Forest)      Boating is not allowed on Heald Pond (Heald

Can I camp or have a camp fire on Forest Society Land?

Neither overnight camping nor the use of fire is allowed on Forest Society Reservations at this time.