Natural Resources

Why do you cut trees if you are the Society for the Protection of NH Forests?

Our Mission Statement says "The Society is a forestry association seeking to perpetuate the forests of New Hampshire through their wise use and their complete reservation in places of special scenic beauty."  We understand 'wise use' to mean managing all the resources of the forest for ecological, economic, and societal benefits.  Our forest management is science- based, sustainable, and helps supports local, regional, and international forest product markets. For more on our Forest Management program visit our Forestry page on this web site.   

Are Forest Society Reservations permanently protected from development?

Yes, they are.  Nearly all of our reservations are “permanent’ reservations, meaning that we intend to own and manage them in perpetuity, and to steward their natural resource assets through wise use and sustainable practices.   In those rae instances when we divest ourselves of a property we usually convey the property with deed restrictions or with a conservation easement that ensures the lasting protection of the land. 

Is swimming allowed in lakes/ponds within Forest Society Reservations?

We're sorry but there are no public swimming facilities on any body of water accessed by Forest Society lands.

Is trapping allowed on Forest Society Reservations?

Yes, we allow trapping on our lands in compliance with State laws and where it won’t conflict with other uses on a reservation.

Do you allow Hunting on your Reservations?

Yes, hunting consistent with state law is allowed on all Forest Society reservations unless explicitly posted otherwise.  You do not need to ask permission to hunt on a reservation.  Temporary tree stands which attach to a tree without damaging it in any way are also permitted.