Natural Resources

Someone is harvesting in the woods near me and I think there are problems what can you do about it?

Timber harvesting is regulated by the State of New Hampshire.  If you think there are issues with an operation you can call one of the Division of Forests and Lands Forest Rangers.  Numbers for the Forest Rangers are available on line at the Division of Forests and Lands just follow this link (add link to additional links web page)  

I have the need for a forester. Who would you recommend?

The Forest Society doesn't make recommendations on who youshould employ instead we would prefer you visit with the UNH Cooperative Extention Forestry Educator (County Forester) active in your county.  For a list of County Foresters follow the link on our Additional links web page found here (add link to links web page) .

Can I cut my Christmas tree on Forest Society land?

The removal of any vegetation from Forest Society land is not allowed.  However, you can select and harvest your own Christmas tree at the Forest Society's Rocks Estate in Bethlehem NH.  Visit for more information.  

Can I get firewood from a Forest Society property?

Sorry, but the collecting of firewood from Forest Society property is not allowed.  Our Reservations are managed forests and timber harvesting is conducted by professional logging crews under the supervision of a licensed forester.   

Is horse riding allowed on Forest Society Reservations?

Horse riding is allowed on most Forest Society Reservations.  Easement terms and donor restictions prohibit horses on several Forest Society Reservations.  Horse use is allowed on forest roads in dry seasons but not on hiking trails or active timber sale roads.   We have no facilities for large groups of horses or locations where horses can be trailered into.    

Can I collect mushrooms, rocks, or other things from Forest Society land?

Collection by the public of limited amounts of common (not on the State rare or endangered list) wild edible plants only is allowed on our land for non-commercial purposes.   The collection of other plants, minerals, or cultural/historical artifacts is allowed only when it is a necessary part of an academic investigation by a qualified student or faculty researcher from a college or university or other recognized research organization.

What does sustainable forest management mean?

Sustainable management is ensuring that at no time will the amount of wood volume harvested exceed the amount of new wood being added to the forest every year.  That means we are always growing more than we are cutting and so we will never run out of wood or forest.   

Why do you cut trees if you are the Society for the Protection of NH Forests?

Our Mission Statement says "The Society is a forestry association seeking to perpetuate the forests of New Hampshire through their wise use and their complete reservation in places of special scenic beauty."  We understand 'wise use' to mean managing all the resources of the forest for ecological, economic, and societal benefits.  Our forest management is science- based, sustainable, and helps supports local, regional, and international forest product markets. For more on our Forest Management program visit our Forestry page on this web site.   

Are Forest Society Reservations permanently protected from development?

Yes, they are.  Nearly all of our reservations are “permanent’ reservations, meaning that we intend to own and manage them in perpetuity, and to steward their natural resource assets through wise use and sustainable practices.   In those rae instances when we divest ourselves of a property we usually convey the property with deed restrictions or with a conservation easement that ensures the lasting protection of the land.