Land Conservation

What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement deed is a permanent, legally binding agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization or public agency that restricts use of the land to protect its significant natural features. In New Hampshire this is authorized by RSA 477:45-47.


Jaffrey — Thousands of future Mount Monadnock hikers will benefit from one family’s donation of a conservation easement on 55 acres on the mountain’s southern flank in Jaffrey to the Forest Society.

The Forest Society and TransCanada Hydro Northeast Inc., finalized a conservation easement on some 2,300 acres including 31 miles of frontage on the First and Second Connecticut Lakes in Pittsburg as well as seven and a half miles of frontage on the upper Connecticut River in Pittsburg and Clarks

Every so often, landowners joyfully discover natural treasures on their land as a result of their work with the Forest Society.  Such was the case when sisters Rachel Boyden, Rebecca Boyden, and Jennifer Kampsnider learned of the 400+ year-old black gum trees in the most distant corner of their f

Brian Hotz, Vice President of Land Conservation
Brian Hotz, Vice President for Land Conservation- 

Lakes Region Conservation Focus Area Map, 8.2 MB

Lakes Region Strategic Conservation Plan Technical Report, July 2011

The Merrimack River in Canterbury, NH.