How does the Forest Society enforce the terms of its easements?

The primary objective of our stewardship program is to preserve the conservation values of those lands protected by conservation easements. Ensuring compliance with the terms of each easement is critical to meeting this objective.  The Forest Society is prepared to legally defend and enforce our easements when necessary.  Legal enforcement, however, is a remedy of last resort.  Our program is most successful if compliance is voluntary.

Therefore, we work in partnership with landowners—and the local communities in which our protected lands are located—to encourage voluntary compliance with the terms of our conservation easements whenever possible. We respect the commitment made by the landowners and we are dedicated to working with you in a respectful and professional manner.  In all of our stewardship activities, we strive to:

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with our landowners
  • Establish and maintain good records on the conservation values and management history of each property
  • Provide professional, timely responses and services to our landowners