Winter Hike to Timber Harvest on Monadnock

On these special tours, learn from forestry experts about timber harvesting: which trees are marked to cut and why. Visit an active timber sale layout from stumps to the landing. Learn about wood markets, timber volumes and values. Learn about the roles of landowner, consulting forester and logging contractor. Learn how non-timber features are protected during logging including water quality and how wildlife habitats and recreation trails can be enhanced.

Monadnock Forest Reservation, Jaffrey, NH

Parking (4WD required) at the Marlboro Trail on Shaker Farm Road.

Pre-registration required.  Snowdate Saturday January 26th.

On the west flank of Monadnock,  the Forest Society will harvest high quality, mature red oak carefully grown in well-managed stands since they were mere saplings.  This tour will focus on long-term forest management designed to grow larger diameter red oak timber while following long-term goals.  The Forest Society has owned the tract for a century. Prior thinning operations over decades were designed to improve oak timber quality and volume over the long haul. Loggers will employ both a mechanical harvester and conventional hand-felling using chainsaws.

Four-wheel drive vehicles required to reach the timber landing or summer hiker parking area.  We will hike up steep skid trails for a minimum distance of one mile to reach the timber harvest area.  Snowshoes and traction are required.  Hiking distance 2+ miles.

Co-sponsored with Baystate Forestry and UNH Cooperative Extension forestry staff.