Winter Hike to Heald Timber Harvest

On these special tours, learn from forestry experts about timber harvesting: which trees are marked to cut and why. Visit an active timber sale layout from stumps to the landing. Learn about wood markets, timber volumes and values. Learn about the roles of landowner, consulting forester and logging contractor. Learn how non-timber features are protected during logging including water quality and how wildlife habitats and recreation trails can be enhanced.

Heald Forest Reservation, Wilton, NH

Parking (4WD recommended) at hiking trail parking area on Heald Road.

Pre-registration is required.  Snowdate Saturday February 16th.

A mechanized timber harvest on a total of 200 acres of the Heald Forest Reservation will feature a mix of patch cuts, thinning via individual tree and small group selection to create smaller forest openings and cutting to re-open fields and a former apple orchard to create early successional habitats for wildlife. A timber harvest on 40 acres is an experimental canopy thinning operation designed to regenerate layers of mountain laurel in the understory to create thickets for rabbit habitat. See timber marking prescriptions that will inform the reintroduction of New England cottontail rabbits in other areas of NH.

Four-wheel drive vehicles required to reach the timber landing.  We will hike off-trail for a minimum distance of a half mile to reach multiple timber harvest areas.  Traction required.  Total hiking distance 1.5 to 2.0 miles.

Co-sponsored with Meadowsend Timberlands and UNH Cooperative Extension forestry staff.