Wild Apple Tree Pruning Workshop, part of "Cold is Cool" series

Releasing and pruning wild apple trees can keep them healthy and result in greater fruit production for a wide variety of wildlife. This virtual, basic introduction to releasing and pruning wild apple trees will be led by Nigel Manly, director of North Country Property for the Forest Society.

Email signup@forestsociety.org to register and receive the Zoom link. Please include your first and last name, date of the program(s) you'd like to sign up for, zip code, and your email and mailing address if you'd like to be added to the Forest Society's mailing list. Your full name will be used to verify your admittance to the Zoom presentation.

You can also email a photo if you have a specific question about a tree or limb you will be pruning and Nigel will answer in the discussion portion of the program and show the photos to the group.

Participants will learn about:

  • the origin of apple trees now found wild in New Hampshire forests
  • recommended best-practices for pruning apple trees
  • the benefits to wildlife from improved trees for mast


Nigel Manley grew up in the United Kingdom and has worked for the Forest Society for more than 25 years. He manages several Forest Society North Country properties, chief among them the North Country Conservation and Education Center at The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem. His degree in agricultural management helped with the startup of the Forest Society’s Christmas tree farm, and his keen interest in public outreach and marketing has enabled him to successfully promote The Rocks Estate as a tourist destination.

Manley chairs the Christmas Spirit Foundation and is a former chair of the NH Christmas Tree Promotion Board. He has served on the boards of the New Hampshire Travel Council, the Weathervane Theater, the National Christmas Tree Association for NH and VT, and the NH/VT Christmas Tree Association. He is a member of the NHMPA marketing committee.

An avid outdoorsman, Manley’s areas of expertise include moose, bear, and wildlife habitat, pruning wild apple trees, the history of the Rocks Estate and the Bethlehem area, Christmas Tree culture, marketing for small businesses, Agro- and Eco-tourism opportunities, and single-malt Scotch whiskey.

This program is part of the Forest Society's Cold is Cool speaker series, keeping you connected to the natural world from home.

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