Timber Harvest Tour Diehl Forest, Lempster

Forestry Tour at Diehl Family Forest in Lempster, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Learn about sustainable timber management at a harvest tour on a new 42-acre reservation led by staff forester Wendy Weisiger and consulting forester Jeremy Turner. This harvest will combine two harvesting systems to achieve our silvicultural goals. Certified logging contractor DH Hardwick and Sons will first prepare the site through a mechanized whole tree system by carefully removing low-quality trees. They will be followed by certified loggers Van and Tyler Webb of Harding Hill Farm who will carefully hand-fell high quality over-sized white pine.  Learn about the complexities of orchestrating a harvest, markets, weather, and how it all works.  The tour includes approximately one mile of hiking on uneven ground along skid trails. 

Feel free to join us if you haven't registered -- see the trip sheet for details.