SPECIAL EVENT: Weeks Woods Timber Harvest Tour

Join Forest Society professional forestry staff for a tour of the recently-completed timber harvest at the Weeks Woods.  Hear about the Forest Society's management plans and long-term goals for this working woodlot. Learn more about which trees were cut, how they were harvested and what the objectives of the harvest were. Learn about the ‘patch cutting’ and ‘shelterwood’ techniques and why these particular harvest systems and logging equipment were selected for this property. Which trees were marked for harvest and why? What wood products were produced? Learn about current timber markets and why this required improved haul road access to the temporary log landing used in previous harvests. Learn about recreational trail network that is tied in with the logging road network and plans for continued recreation use and the wildlife habitat benefits following this harvest over the next several seasons and in years to come.

FREE event.

Registration is requested please.

Call The Forest Society at 603-224-9945 for more information on this special tour.

Meet at Gilford Town Hall parking lot on Rt. 11 opposite the forest access road and kiosk at the entrance to Weeks Woods

Timber landing at Weeks Woods