Mount Monadnock Timber Harvest Tour

Timber Harvesting Tour at Mount Monadnock

The Forest Society will host a public tour to showcase timber harvest activities being conducted on the Forest Society's Monadnock Forest Reservation above the Shaker Farm Road in Jaffrey. This tour will share the forestry prescriptions and logging activity taking place on approximately 50 acres adjacent to the Marlboro Trail.

Consulting forester Jeff Snitkin of Bay State Forestry is supervising the creation of small patch cut openings to favor regeneration of sugar maple and yellow birch on richer, deeper soils. Larger openings on dry and more shallow soils will favor the regeneration of red oak.  See cut-to-length harvest equipment, meet the logging contractor, Ryan Mingarelli who is operating a "cut to length" harvesting system. Learn about careful forestry, the roles of forester and logger, timber harvest planning and skid trails layout as well as current wood markets, measuring wood volumes and the wood products that are produced.

Forest Society managing forester Wendy Weisiger and UNH Cooperative Extension Cheshire County Forester Steve Roberge will co-lead and present.

Parking will be at the temporary timber landing or at the Marlboro Trail trailhead parking lot on Shaker Farm Road. Pre-registration is required. Due to the nature of the harvesting equipment and site, this hike requires hiking off-trail in areas of extensive slash and brush. Rugged and steep uphill hiking along Marlboro Trail and along active skidder trails. Snowshoes are NOT appropriate due to packed trails and woody debris intentionally packed in skid trails.

In the event of inclement snowy weather or prolonged thaw, the snow date is Saturday, January 14.  

Co-sponsored with Bay State Forestry and UNH Cooperative Extension - Cheshire County.