Monadnock Trails Week - 2021

Join the Forest Society and NH State Parks to protect and improve the trails of the Monadnock Region! Kicking off on Friday, July 30 with a "Trails and Ales" party at Granite Roots Brewery in Troy, the celebration offers many opportunities to give back to the places you love and create community.

Volunteer work crews will include the Punch Crew, working on the White Arrow Trail Project; the "Bridging the Gap" crew, LGBTQ2IA+ identified, working on bog bridges; Steps & Steeps Crew, working on the Marlboro Trail Project; and the Summit Cutters Crew on Gap Mountain. We also need help with tools and photography. See below for more details.

UPDATE: We've had a huge amount of volunteer interest in joining a crew for Monadnock Trails Week this year. See below for available spaces. If you didn't get a chance to sign up this year, or if you would like to put a special group together for 2022, please reach out to Andy Crowley. We want to add more local groups, build more affinity spaces, reach more regional business partners, and expand to other trails and mountain access points for next year. We will need your help to get it done! 


Friday, July 30

10 AM- 3 PM: Bridging the Gap Crew - One More Person Needed

6:30 PM: Kickoff party at Granite Roots Brewing, Troy

Friday- Tuesday:

The Punch Crew- FULL 

Steeps & Steps Crew- FULL

Roving Photographers- Volunteers Welcome Monday & Tuesday

Saturday, July 31

Summit Cutters Crew- FULL - Thank you Keene HS Students

Tuesday, August 3

2 PM: Tools Day- Volunteers Still Needed!


Monadnock Trails Week is an annual collaboration between the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and NH State Parks. We aim to protect, improve, and promote the trails of the Monadnock Region.

CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP! For more information, contact Andy Crowley at


Friday night Kickoff Party @ Granite Roots BrewingLGBTQIA+ CREW GAP MOUNTAIN


The Punch

Marlboro Steeps

Gap Mountain Summit Cutters

Volunteer Photographers


Tuesday Tools Day

click here to signup




Andy Crowley at