Monadnock - Meet the Mountain Day

Meet The Mountain Day provides the public an opportunity to learn about the mission of the MERE Program (Monadnock Ecological Research & Education Program) and partners including Monadnock State Park and The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, as well as to offer activities, guided hikes, and wildlife encounters to youth, families and adults. We hope, through this event, to foster a greater appreciation and respect for the natural world, to supply visitors with practical information about hiking safety and Leave No Trace, and to encourage them to develop a sense of wonder as they explore Monadnock.  Join us at Monadock State Park HQ on Poole Road in Jaffrey, NH anytime 9am-2pm.  All visitors to Monadnock State Park must pay $2-$5 fee at park entrance.  

Mount Monadnock

Poole Road
JaffreyNH 03452