FULL - Creek Farm Series: Tree ID Walk with Forester AJ Dupere

We are so fortunate to have passionate tree enthusiasts in our community. Creek Farm is home to many natural treasures, including the magnificent trees that have put down their roots, some for over a hundred years, at this special spot. Come join us for a guided walk and talk along our Little Harbor Loop Trail and learn about this hidden gem of species ranging from White Pines, which were once harvested and turned into masts for the British Royal Navy right here, to Horse Chestnuts, Black Locusts and more! 

Forester AJ Dupere. (Courtesy of Urban Forestry Center)AJ Dupere, Forester of the Urban Forestry Center, will share his vast natural history knowledge as well as the science behind why certain trees are used for certain reasons. Please dress for a gentle hike with appropriate gear.

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(Email signup@forestsociety.org with questions about signing up; email Sarah Kern, Creek Farm Education Program Coordinator, skern@forestsociety.org, with questions about Creek Farm)

Little Harbor Loop Trail

Creek Farm, 400 Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, NH