Creek Farm Series: Snakes of New Hampshire

Like all animals in the web of life, snakes play an integral role in our ecosystem’s health and our health by maintaining a balance to the food web. Snakes help keep the pest population down by feeding on slugs, bugs, mice and other small rodents that can damage crops as well as carry diseases like Lyme disease. Around the world, snakes are often perceived as animals to be feared or hated, which is unfortunately guided by ignorance or misunderstanding. While they may not be your favorite animal, have you ever wondered why they may be important? Perhaps why they shouldn’t be killed? Ever wondered about their social habits? There are actually many good reasons to respect snakes and even appreciate them! 

Come join us at Creek Farm to partake in a presentation by Wildlife Biologist Brendan Clifford of New Hampshire Fish & Game’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program and learn about these important and misunderstood neighbors. 

Wildlife Biologist Brendan Clifford of NH Fish & Game’s Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program.
Wildlife Biologist Brendan Clifford of NH Fish & Game’s Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program. (Courtesy photo)
Brendan will discuss all 11 of our native snake species, their behavior and in what habitats you might find them. He will highlight a few species that he has conducted long-term monitoring on and what he has learned.  Brendan will also highlight NHF&G’s Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program and how you can report YOUR sightings as well as the importance of reporting. When we know better, we do better, and it is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation of the snakes in our area and the then share that information with your friends and community!

Forest Society Education Center at Creek Farm, 400 Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, NH

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