Creek Farm Series: Amphibian Love with Dr. Purrenhage

Did you know that Henry David Thoreau almost co-authored a scientific article in the 21st century, 50 years AFTER his death? The world is changing and so is the way we study it. Come join us at Creek Farm for a discussion by Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage about the mixture of scientific storytelling, research methods, show-and-tell, and plenty of time for questions and discussions along the way. 

Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage poses for a photo.
Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage (Courtesy of Dr. Purrenhage)
Dr. Purrenhage teachers Conservation Biology, Ecological Inventory & Monitoring, and Science Communication at the University of New Hampshire. She also runs two long-term monitoring studies of salamanders and freshwater turtles in southeastern, NH. 

In this program, we will explore the nature of ecological revolution with specific examples of how plants and animals can be important indicators of environmental change.  We will discuss the importance of collecting information over long periods of time and see how it’s done with salamanders and turtles. Most importantly, we will talk about how we citizens can easily contribute to long-term datasets simply by observing the world around us and reporting what we see – collectively, we can make Thoreau-like contributions to conservation!

Forest Society Education Center at Creek Farm, 400 Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, NH

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