Bretzfelder Series: Visit to Meadowstone Farm

Bretzfelder Summer Family Educational Lecture Series: Farm Critters! Below and Above the Soil

Come to Meadowstone farm and learn how we take care of all our critters (and how they take care of us). We’ll talk about and show traditional farm animals and how they are important to the farm. You may even get a chance to milk a goat or collect chicken eggs. We’ll also discuss all the smaller critters(bacteria, worms, fungi) under the soil and how they are a just as essential to the farm’s health. Where you food comes from is important for many reasons and come discover how we make it happen at Meadowstone. 

Tim Wennrich started Meadowstone in 2004 with a couple small gardens and lots of vision. He has been producing food and contributing to the community since then. Sam Brown has been Farm Manager for over 12 years and besides running the show at Meadowstone, loves to break out in spontaneous song and dance in the field.  

Location: Meadowstone Farm, 809 Brook Road, Bethlehem, NH 03574


Registration: None required. Contact The Rocks with questions.

This program is part of the Bretzfelder Park Family Educational Series, presented by the Forest Society and the Bretzfelder Park Committee.

Meadowstone Farm

809 Brook Road
BethlehemGrafton County, New Hampshire 03574