Bretzfelder Series: Ice Fishing with Chris McGrath

Come to Bretzfelder Park to join Chris McGrath, a self-proclaimed “ice fishing nut” and owner of McGrath's Bait Shop in Bethlehem, to learn about ice fishing basics.

McGrath says “the excitement you get walking on frozen water and pulling fish through a hole is way more enjoyable than fishing in the summer.”

Chris will share ice fishing basics: tips and techniques for setting up, using equipment and checking for ice safety. Chris will demonstrate some of his own winter ice fishing gear - a fish finder and underwater camera. Participants may be able to see bait fish. There will be plenty for people to try out, learn and enjoy.

Advance registration requested.

The Bretzfelder Park Winter Family Educational Series is presented annually by the Forest Society and the Bretzfelder Park Committee.

Bretzfelder Park

339 Prospect Street
BethlehemGrafton County, New Hampshire 03574