Bretzfelder Park Winter Family Educational Series: All About Honeybees

Bees pollinate 85% of food crops for humans as well as numerous crops that grow the food fed to cattle. Without the honeybee, our options for nourishment would be seriously lacking, and there has been research conducted that predicts environmental collapse should the honeybee no longer exist. 

Janice Mercieri of White Mountain Apiary shows kids beekeeping equipment.
(Photo: courtesy of White Mountain Apiary)
Janice Mercieri, Owner of White Mountain Apiary and Cornell University Master Beekeeper Candidate, will explain how we can help the honeybee population and what to expect if you're considering keeping honeybees.

Learn more about Janice from her article in NH Eats Local

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This program is part of the Bretzfelder Park Winter Family Educational Series, presented by the Forest Society and the Bretzfelder Park Committee.